Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tear Down & More Casual Lace

Jeans: Lucky Brand | Top: Pleione | Shoes: Converse

As of last night we are officially in Fresno for The Big Fresno Fair. Our tear down in LA was long and tiring. Tony and his crew got the stands packed away between Sunday night and Monday morning. Since our setup here isn't as big as the other fairs we do, he sent 15 of our 19 trailers to be stored for the off-season. We stay in a house trailer during all of the fairs other than this one. It is a nice change of pace to do a little hotel living, but packing up the last four months of our lives and moving everything 250 miles was a bit of an undertaking. Our car was completely packed to the brim since I didn't plan as well as I thought I did the last time we went home. Apparently we are pretty high maintenance people. This was made extremely evident by the looks on other hotel guest's faces as we traipsed through the lobby with our lives on a cart. Tony and I carried two bags each, the bellman had a bag on his arm as well, and we still barely made it to the room without the cart falling over. Ridiculous! Anyways, the bottom line is that it all fits in the room just fine and we are settling in nicely.

I found the most comfortable jeans ever made!! On the comfort scale, they come in right under yoga pants which is pretty darn impressive. I love that all of the distressed parts have been reconstructed so you don't have to worry about them continuing to tear. Also, they are on sale for under $75 at the moment!! I have them paired here with a super soft, black, scoop-neck tee that has lace inlays in the front and back. It is constructed a bit wide which is nice and comfortable and it's long enough in the front to be slightly tucked if you want to show the top of your jeans. It is also on sale for $25. I slipped my chucks on with this outfit for a super casual look, but I have also worn these jeans with booties to give them a little kick.

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