Monday, October 19, 2015

Sweaters and Pumpkin Patches... Oh Fall!!

Someone pinch me!! We are going home today!! I am so stinking excited!! Typically at the end of fair season I am anxious to be done just because we are nearing the end, but this year it was truly about a week too long. I totally hung in there though and finishing out with this fair was definitely worth it. Our sweet friends, Clif, Emily and little Norah, came to visit from Monterrey this weekend and that totally helped make the seemingly daunting final week fly by! 

The cool down we had this weekend was amazing. On our way beck to the fair the other day we drove by this pumpkin patch and I couldn't help but beg Tony to stop even if it was only for ten minutes. Nothing screams fall like the first cool weekend, pumpkins and a sweater. I could not resist! This sweater looks thick but it is actually rather thin. In fact, I checked my reflection in three different sets of lighting to make sure it wasn't seethrough. My jeans are out of stock right now but I linked some similar styles and they are both currently marked down. Like I mentioned before, I love a light wash for casual fall looks. It gives you another option before we go into full blown legging season. Of course, I have it paired here with my handy chucks. 

I hope everyone's week is off to a wonderful start!


  1. Love your sweater, pumpkin! Can't wait to see your face!! :)

  2. Thank you, Doodle! I can't wait to see yours!


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