Friday, October 16, 2015

Weather Geek

When I was growing up my grandpa, the sweetest man I have ever encountered, was obsessed with the Weather Channel. It always cracked me up that he would watch that darn channel day in and day out. This was before they had the cool shows about surviving hurricanes and how to drive in a snowstorm. He literally spent hours watching information on the current and future weather around the world. The older I get the more I realize that this is very much an obsession that I inherited from him. I have four different weather apps on my phone and I check them religiously. Everything about weather truly intrigues me! Yesterday not only did the heat break but after a gorgeous day with very few clouds, we got rain here in Fresno. Not just any rain either... We had the most colorful sunset followed by an incredible thunder and lightning show. I was like a kid on Christmas watching the weather completely change from the window of our fourth-floor hotel room. It is hilarious the things we inherit from our loved ones. What characteristics have you inherited from the people you admire?

Naturally, I took total advantage of the cooler weather and put on my favorite booties and scarf. I love the look of a lighter washed jean in the fall especially paired with warm colors. The long sleeve shirt I am wearing is beyond soft and super light, so perfect for layering as it cools off a bit more. It has more of a short tunic feel rather than a tee and it's on sale right now for under $12!!! My scarf is sold out in that color, but I linked a similar scarf and that same scarf in a different color.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!


  1. Emi, your Grandpa would be so proud of you! I sure am, my little weather geek! :-*

  2. Awww I hope so! I wish he was around so we could show him all of the cool apps and advancements.


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