Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree

Fun fact... My husband and his family used to own Christmas tree lots. Since they only worked seasonally during the summer, they owned and ran pumpkin patches and tree lots, including wholesale yards, in their "off" season. Tony ran his first tree lot at the age of 15 so to say he knows his trees is kind of a ridiculous understatement (haha). He loves tree lots so we go and pick out our tree at one of his friend's lots every year. It really isn't much fun going with him, though. Typically you go to a lot, check out some trees, meander around, discuss your options and then settle on one. Not us. Thanks to his experience, we literally walk onto the lot, go to the very back of the section that has the size we want and he points to one that is still wrapped up and says, "that's the one". Sure enough, once it is unwrapped it is the fullest, most gorgeous tree you have ever seen. It never fails and it is so stinking impressive, but it makes our tree buying experience rather short and dull. So this year I got smart and asked him to take pictures of my outfit with some of the trees so I could extend our time there a bit... But don't tell him ;)

I cannot find this sweater online anywhere, but it is definitely in stores (Target). I linked a few similar sweaters that I would totally own as well. I really like the oversized sweaters with not-so-long sleeves that I have been seeing everywhere. They pair really well with a long sleeve shirt. Under the sweater, I have the super soft top I have been wearing lately. It is featured in this post and this post. I have this look paired up with my go-to leggings and favorite black booties. 

I hope you are having a wonderful week. 

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