Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Only Child Syndrome?


People ask me all the time if I wish I had siblings. It's kind of a funny question if you think about it. I mean, I don't know any different. All I know is being raised as an only child. They typically follow that up with, "well, how was it being raised as an only child?" It was normal to me and as a matter of fact, it was normal to my parents too. The assumption is always that I was spoiled but as far as I could tell I wasn't. It was just what was normal. Everyone has their normal and for me hanging out with my parents, just the three of us, was mine. I don't think it's fair to label someone the only child, or the oldest, or middle. That is just the hand they were dealt and though many people may fall into one category or the other, chances are they still were raised very different from a person with their same "label". I also think it's strange to dwell on it. Your situation is your situation and I think we all need to be a little more aware of that and a little less judgey. All I know is that I love having siblings that were given to me through marriage. It is a lot of fun. I also love going to my mom's and having some quiet time. I guess I was dealt the best of both world's, so for that you can say that I'm pretty darn lucky. 

How fun is this vest!?! The color is perfect and it's just the right amount of fluffy. I love it and it is the perfect addition to any boring ensemble. I have it paired here with a black long sleeve shirt and the most comfortable skinny jeans. My booties are sold out so I have linked a couple of other pairs that are pretty darn close to these. The lip pencil and lipstick combo I have on compliment the color of the vest and are definitely worth checking out. 

I hope your day is amazing!


  1. Thank you for these words on being an only child ! As a mom of a 5 year old boy people keep asking me when am I going to have another baby , because "it wouldn't be right for my son to be an only child"! People often label us as "selfish" yet this isn't something we have to decide in advance...we don't know whether we are going to have other children, maybe we are, maybe we aren't but I like to think that this won't be what makes our son a happy person or not. As long as he is loved and cherished It doesn't really Matter if he is going to be an only child or not. Great blog by the way , I ll stop by more often than not ! Have a great day ( here in France it's already the evening :-)

    1. Hi Boutet! I'm so sorry people give you a hard time. We are each individual's with individual experiences and constantly my biggest hope and prayer is that we can all just learn to meet people where they are at. Everyone is different and if we all opened our hearts a little more rather than judging people I think we would be much further along as a society. Having kids, having more kids, or not having any at all is a very personal decision. I recently wrote about the pressures of being a young couple without kids and it definitely has it's own struggles but also some that are very similar to your situation. You can read it here...

      I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever time it is, and thank you for your sweet words.

      ~Emily Grace

  2. Thanks , I'll check your post ;-) And my first name is Aline by the way, Boutet is my last name hihihi ;-)


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