Monday, December 7, 2015

Vacation Recap

Happy Monday! Sorry I have been MIA for the past week, but the relaxation and time Tony and I spent just being was absolutely priceless. I wanted to give a brief recap of our stay along with some pictures.

We arrived late Friday night to Finest Playa Mujeres, which is just north of Cancun. The check in process at this resort is pretty incredible. We were greeted with a cold aromatic towel right out of our transport as they took our luggage to be delivered to our room. Just inside the front door we were handed flutes of champagne and given a tour of the main area on the way to our building. We sat and checked in at the bottom of our building before we were escorted to our room. The nice gentleman that took us to our room showed us around our room and gave us a brief overview of everything that was there. We ordered a bit of room service, which is 24 hours, and then snuggled into a very comfortable bed for some much-needed rest. 

This is where we ate breakfast the first morning... I mean really!?! It was amazing! The view from our room was unlike any view I have ever had. Something about the all white buildings and the landscaping with a backdrop of the Caribbean was downright incredible. I could have been happy just sitting on our balcony the rest of the vacation. 

This is a little better picture of the actual view. 

This is the building we were staying in. The first day we spent time exploring the resort. I don't think I have ever stayed somewhere so nice. The resort itself was enough to boast about, but add in the impeccable service and the attention to detail and you may need to pinch yourself. 

The beach was beautiful and the sand was white and so soft. There was a bit of seaweed on the shoreline at all times, but the resort staff cleaned it up a few times a day so it was never too much of a bother. 

They had plenty of activities on the grounds including archery, shooting, tennis and much more. They had several theme nights, but my favorite was definitely casino night. We also played bingo and trivia games from inside the pool a few different times. 

We left the resort once to venture over to the island across the way, Isla Mujeres, where they had hands down the best fish and shrimp I have ever tasted. It was literally fresh, as in caught that very morning. We walked around the island after eating and left with the one thing I buy every time I am in Mexico, Mexican vanilla extract. It is the best vanilla to bake with in my opinion and I recently ran out. 

We dressed up every night, which was fun because we enjoy getting fancy, but not necessary if it isn't your thing. There was a wide array of levels of "dressed up" at the resort and pretty much anything goes as long as you aren't in beachwear for dinner. 

I had the most fun just laying on the day beds at the beach. They served drinks (all top shelf) and food on the beach so it made it really easy not to leave all day. 

This photo is inside the Playa Mujeres guard gate. There was also a guard gate to the resort. If safety is one of your concerns in going to Mexico then Finest along with the other resorts in Playa Mujeres are a great option. The amount of security is impressive. 

I was sad to leave the tranquility of this vacation, but I know we will be back there soon. 

I think the only negative comment I have is that there was 100% humidity during our stay and that definitely does a number on the rooms by the end of the stay. Within minutes of opening our balcony door the mirrors were dripping water so on a bad day everything else starts to feel damp. We remedied that by keeping the door closed most of the time whether we were inside or out. It is only one tiny con about the area, entirely tolerable with how amazing everything else is, and definitely not within the resort's control.

This was an incredible trip and I would recommend Finest to anyone looking to just relax and decompress. 

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and I will resume my regular fashion and lifestyle posts on Wednesday. 

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