Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Being Constantly Plugged In

I was talking to my mom yesterday and she said something that really resonated with me. She said, "We do not need to be constantly plugged in". In today's society with the world literally in our hands at all times, we forget that we do not need to know everything about everything. It is so easy to get caught up in all that is going on around us and it is looked at as almost shameful to not know what happened last night on the news or to be caught up with every political thing that might be happening. Not only do we need to give ourselves a break but we need to give those around us a break. Wouldn't it be refreshing to just have a conversation with someone you hold dear and share information with each other rather than being glued to your tv or phone 24/7? By no means am I suggesting that we be ignorant. My thought is that if we all unplugged for half of the time we are typically glued to whatever device and those around us did the same and we shared information by conversation then we could be informed by each other. In turn, we may even be able to enjoy a good relevant conversation instead of filing information away like bullet points. This is by no means a profound thought or statement. I am simply calling attention to how things have changed and how we may be able to benefit from reverting back to how things were done for thousands of years. I challenge you to rely a little more on those around you for information. Who knows, maybe it will slightly change your view on the world or maybe you will learn something about that person because you asked them to fill you in and it opened up into a broader bolder conversation. Whatever the outcome may be, you will definitely not be missing out on being in the over-informed, know-it-all state that most of us are currently in. 

On a lighter note... Are you just as poncho obsessed as I am? This poncho is so easy just given the color palette. I kept things pretty neutral with this outfit but this is one of those pieces that you should just have around to throw over whatever on a night where it may get too cold and apparently everyone else thought so as well. It is completely sold out at the moment but I'm hopeful they will restock it so I linked it above anyways. I also linked a few similar ponchos. I paired it here with these dark ankle jeans that I wear constantly. Having this easy grey long sleeve in your closet is definitely another piece you shouldn't go without. The grey heels I threw on are also a staple piece. They go with anything that has cooler tones and they are super comfortable. 

I hope your week is going great so far!

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