Monday, January 25, 2016

Hair Rules (Or At Least Point Of Reference)

As far as style goes, I have some loose rules for myself so I thought I would share a few of them. They may or may not work for you but I always feel like the more input the better. The rules I have for my hair are definitely easier to follow in the fall/winter. Anytime I am wearing a scarf, turtleneck, or hooded top of some kind I always wear my hair up or curled. If my hair is straight, the scarf, turtleneck or hood conflicts with the flow of my hair. My hair isn't the thickest so if there is something that is in the way of it laying nicely when it's intended to, it leaves gaps. I only wear my hair in a bun if I have something up high around my neck (scarf/turtleneck/hood). I feel like too much bare neck just leaves a lot of blank space. It's ok to wear my hair straight or curly for any other top but those hairstyles definitely contribute to the overall style of my look. If I am gong for a sleek and modern look then a very tamed straight style is the way to go. If my goal is to look a little softer and more traditional then having my hair curled sends the right message. This is completely a personal preference kind of thing but hopefully, it helps to give you a starting point. 

These jeans!!! I am sold! They literally fit like a glove. I have worn them twice now for the entire day and they didn't stretch out at all. I ended up getting them hemmed after we took these pictures, but side note, if you are not aware, Nordstroms hems all full priced pants for free. It may only cost $10 - $15 at the tailor, but it's a nice bonus as far as I'm concerned. This poncho/tunic is sooooo soft. It is perfect for the couple of warmer days we just had here in SoCal. I paired this outfit with my fav grey pointed toe pumps and an easy black clutch. 


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