Friday, January 8, 2016

Oh My Rain


Ok, so I need to take a moment to brag on my sweet husband. For those of you that don't know, San Diego is floating away currently. On Wednesday night, rather early Thursday morning, we were jolted out of bed by part of the hill in our backyard caving. Mud and stones slammed into the outside wall of our master bedroom at four in the morning. We literally had 5 inches of mud-water across the whole back patio, high enough for water to seep into our master bathroom. Tony put his Nikes on (since we apparently don't have rain gear) and waded through the water building dams and digging trenches for about an hour. We could have been in way worse shape had he not jumped out of bed to take care of things. Granted we probably could have prepared better and we were warned, but we have never seen rain like this in San Diego so our bad for not understanding the unknown. Anywho, he worked tirelessly yesterday to make sure the water was flowing off of our property. He did it with a smile and he never complained once. I mean he literally has the best attitude ever ALWAYS! Beyond all of this circumstantial stuff did you know he takes all of my pictures for the blog!?! I mean he is really really patient. It is incredible and I thank God for that man every day. I am truly blessed to call him mine! He might not be too happy with me for posting this but I just can't resist! 

This poncho is the softest ever!! We were on our way to Orange County this past Sunday when we stopped to take these pictures and I thought for sure I was going to freeze but it is surprisingly warm for how thin it is. If I paired it with a long sleeve t-shirt I probably would have been too warm. I love the look of a poncho and bell bottoms. I know, the 70's called and wants their look back, but seriously it's an awesome look! I have this look paired with the taupe booties that were retired for a minute but have recently rejoined my scene.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and an awesome weekend!!

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  1. So glad everything is ok. Y'all take care! (And I love the poncho!)


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