Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Two Whole Years!

Top: Wit & Wisdom | Jeans: Paige Denim | Shoes: Converse | Lip Pencil: MAC in Soar | Lipstick: MAC in Creme Cup

As some of you may know, yesterday was our two year wedding anniversary. We had such a nice morning relaxing and making breakfast together. Since Tony had the day off, we ran a few errands (that's what you do when you're married) and then kicked back on the couch for a couple of hours before getting ready for dinner. Tony planned dinner for us at the restaurant that is at the resort that we had our reception at, Hyatt Mission Bay. Their onsite restaurant, The Red Marlin, has fantastic food and it is where we spent a lot of time wedding planning/decompressing after a long day of planning. It sits right on the Mission Bay Marina and has like 300 degrees of windows. Tony surprised me with a gorgeous bracelet that has our wedding date engraved in roman numerals. It is so dainty and perfect for me. I absolutely love it and will share a picture of it soon. He surprised me with something else too, but I will spill those details later (I have to at least tell my mom first). We returned home after dinner and curled up on our couch to watch our wedding video which of course made me bawl my eyes out (happy tears). I could not have asked for a more perfect day of rest and relaxation with my sweet other half. 

I haven't featured anything super casual in a while and I knew when I got this shirt in the mail the other day that it would be perfect for those days that we all need to just run errands and get caught up. It is super thin without being seethrough and it has the perfect little touches to make it seem like your not wearing just another tee. The design on the front that is actually sewn-in, not printed on, the split/twisted sleeves, and the darling blue and white striped tie-back put this tee on a whole other level. I broke out my favorite Paige Denim the other day after being addicted to these jeans for way too long. Both are awesome pairs and go great with this top. I never refuse an opportunity to throw on my chucks and this outfit is no exception. This outfit is a great way to still feel put together without a bunch of effort, and for that it gets two huge thumbs up from me. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Recap

Easter was amazing! We had an incredible message at church on Saturday night and our time with our family yesterday could not have been any sweeter. Over the last year, we have not had a gathering with everyone together because of schedules or new babies, etc. Literally, the last time we were all together was last Easter and that ended terribly with Tony's dad having a mini stroke. This year was the complete opposite AND there are three new babies. My heart is seriously overflowing with what a nice time it was just eating and talking and eating and watching the kids play and eating some more. What can I say, we are in the food industry? Anyways, it was a blessing of a day and what better day to be blessed than the day that we celebrate Christ rising from the dead. He is risen indeed!!

Could this dress be any cuter!?! I love chambray and the added white embroidery just sends it over the top for me. As far as dresses go this is perfect for a spring day and can transition right into the night for a casual dinner date look. The chambray is super light so it is perfect as the season heats up. I wore that wrap bracelet that I recently picked up again and paired it with last seasons version of the wedges I have linked above.

I hope your week is as beautiful as you are!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday!

Top: Xhilaration | Jeans: Blank NYC | Heels: Steve Madden | Middle Finger Ring: Nadri (dup) | Bracelet: Nadri (similar style)| Lip Pencil: MAC (in Staunchly Stylish) | Lipstick: MAC (in Kinda Sexy)

Happy Good Friday! I hope everyone is off work and enjoying their families already this week. I dropped something off at a local business the other day and I was so happy to hear that they were closed today for the holiday. It's so nice to know that people still observe such an incredibly important day. I mean, no one hates a day off, but we hardly see it with Good Friday anymore, so much so that it kind of caught me off guard when he told me. This day in conjunction with Easter makes up the basis of the Christian faith so it is pretty darn important. Commercially all we see is the celebration of Easter but without Good Friday, there would be no Easter Sunday. So, take a second and thank God for today, it's really the least you can do :)

Off the shoulder, lacy AND olive!?! I mean, I am pretty sure that is everything that I love about clothing all wrapped up into one comfortable, casual top! Oh, and it's only $23!! If you aren't as in love with olive as I am, it comes in black too. I have it paired here with the skinny jeans that I clearly live in and the most comfortable warm-neutral block heels. I talked a lot about pairing outfits up in this post and I used the same philosophy for this outfit including matching the lip combo I have linked above. 

I hope your weekend is as beautiful as you are!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Love Them Where They Are At

I wore this dress on Palm Sunday and I got soooooo many sweet compliments. It is seriously the softest dress ever and the crocheted top is super delicate. White was perfect for Palm Sunday but if your are terrified of wearing white all over like I typically am, it comes in black too!! The wedges I am wearing are actually from last year but Jessica Simpson re-did them just slightly for this season. The only difference is that the strap over the toe is straight this year and mine have a little criss-cross. I picked up that wrap bracelet the other day and was so sad to find that it was out of stock but I linked a few similar wraps that I hope you like. I think it is a great type of jewelry to have around. It goes with a ton of different types of outfits. My best friend is an incredible makeup artist and she sent me out the door the other day with the lip combo I have linked above and I am in love, to say the least. It is perfect for spring!! 

Sometimes relationships are hard, whether it be friends, family or loved ones, and a lot of times opposing views is what can lead to difficult times between us as human beings. Over the last year I have made "meet people where they are at" kind of my mantra. Sometimes this is hard to do if you feel strongly one way or the other about something, but if we really take a step back and try to view something through  someone elses lens you can almost always understand how they could have an that opinion. Especially in the day and age we are in with the constant social media criticism, I think it is super important to not only meet people where they are at and fully hear them out, but also to love people where they are at. The way I see it, if you fully hear someone out on any given opinion and you still don't agree with them, the only way for them to ever change their mind or attitude is to truly show them love with a kind heart and a kind mind. I am definitely not perfect and this can totally be a challenge (especially depending on who we are talking about), but I want to formally challenge you and further challenge myself to meet AND love people right where they are at in all aspects of life. In this, don't forget to still share how YOU feel. Just remember to come from a place of kindness and you will have already put your best foot forward. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

Top: Leith | Similar Top: ASTR | Jeans: Blank NYC | Heels: Hinge | Lip Pencil: MAC in Edge to Edge | Lipstick: MAC in Creme Cup

Happy day after Palm Sunday everyone! I am so excited that it is officially spring and that Easter is less than a week away. We had a really nice family day yesterday. We took Tony's parents to church (check out how cute they are on my Instagram @followingtheblonde) and ran a few errands with them. We met up with his sister, Rima, and her family at this great Lebanese restaurant, Micho'z, in Hillcrest. I was really impressed with the food and the company was even better. After spending the day with the family we spent the night on the couch catching up on our TV shows. Sunday's like that are my favorite! 

I love that cold shoulder tops are everywhere. This one is going fast so definitely grab it while you can. Florals are everything this season and I fully plan on wearing as many of them as possible. With such a loud top, go-to skinny jeans and a complimentary pair of heels make this a simple pair up. This shirt is perfect for date night or lunch with the girls and the subtle v-neck makes it extremely flattering for your decollete and shoulders. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Seeing Colors

Hat: Hinge | Tank: Mossimo | Jeans: James Jeans | Similar Jeans: Paige DenimBP | Similar Purses: Sole SocietyHobo | Heels: Steve Madden | Lip Pencil: MAC in Spice | Lipstick: MAC in Kinda Sexy

People ask me all the time why I choose to put certain colors together, whether it's a top with shoes or the color of my lipstick with the entirety of my outfit. I have never thought that things need to match perfectly or that there are strict "rules" per say, but I mostly try to match things based on their tones. I like to make things as simple as warm tones or cool tones. For instance, I wanted to wear the hat seen above with a simple outfit so the hat is my jumping off point. Well, the hat has a very warm leather band around it so I chose a top and shoes that have warm tones as well. If the hat had a blue band, I probably would have chosen a grey top and black shoes because those are much cooler tones. I love gold jewelry right now and I pretty much try to wear it with everything I can get away with but if I am wearing an outfit that has no warm tones whatsoever then I wear silver jewelry because grey is a much cooler tone. I have two go-to lip colors as well. This lipstick in Kinda Sexy is a very warm pink with gold undertones so I wear it when I am wearing warm tones. This lipstick in Pink Plaid is a much cooler pink with blue undertones so I wear it with cool tones. I am by no means a professional, but that is how I start my thought process and how I plan most of my outfits. 

I have been addicted to skinny jeans lately so the other day I decided to switch it up and pull my favorite bell bottoms out of the drawer. I forgot how comfortable they are. They only have these specific ones left in two sizes but they run big so make sure to size down a size or two. I also linked some similar styles in case you don't fit into those specific sizes. This tank/shell is the same as the black one from this post but in olive. It is the perfect tank to own in multiple colors and it is super inexpensive. This hat!!!! I mean, all the heart eyes emojis!! I was so excited when I found it the other day! Seeing as it isn't acceptable to wear a wool hat during the spring or summer (you might sweat to death), I have been on the hunt for something breathable and cute for the days that I don't have time to wash my hair. Well, this hat is just that and it comes in six colors!! I paired this outfit with my super comfortable block heels and cognac crossbody bag and it couldn't have been any better for a long day out. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easter Wear and Plans

Actual Dress: Jella C | Similar Dresses: Jella CWay-InGabby Skye | Shoes: Steve Madden | Clutch (similar style):  Halogen (on sale) | Lip Pencil: MAC in Edge to Edge | Lipstick: MAC in Creme Cup

We have been finalizing our plans for Easter this week and I am so excited to have everyone together. It has been a while since our entire families have been together because of babies being born and conflicting schedules, so I cannot wait for Easter. The night before Easter Tony and I are going to church with my mom, Brucy and Brucy's sister, Brenda. Then on Easter day, we are going to church with Tony's entire family, that's 18 of us when you count the kids!! We are having dinner at Tony's brother C's house that night with all of the siblings and in-law's, so if I am counting correctly that will be somewhere north of 30 people. Thank goodness C's house is pretty much a banquet hall. Those kinds of numbers used to sound like madness, and it can get a little crazy, but it is so much fun and I miss everybody being together. I can't wait!

I found the perfect Easter dress and apparently so did everyone else because it is currently out of stock. Since I only ordered it a week ago and received it two days after the order, I am hopeful that they will restock it. The watercolor print is amazing and like most shift dresses it is so effortless. I linked this dress (in hopes it gets restocked) and a few others that I found that are gorgeous and that I would accessorize the same way (also, don't forget this one!). Nordstrom is pretty fast as far as shipping goes so as of today you probably still have a few days to order and who can argue with free shipping both ways!?! I paired this dress with nude ankle straps, a nude clutch and minimal gold jewelry in order to not outshine the understated elegance of the watercolors. I also broke out my favorite spring lip color, Creme Cup. I have linked it above as well.

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Forward!?!

Top: BoBeau | Jeans: BlankNYC | Heels: Steve MaddenSteve Madden (more sizes) | Lipstick: MAC in Kinda Sexy | Lip Pencil: MAC in Staunchly Stylish

Is anyone else not having this time change!?! Goodness gracious, it completely kicked my butt on Sunday! I could not stop laughing at all of the memes that I have seen in the past week shaming the people that decided that Sunday morning was the perfect time to give up an hour of sleep. I mean, "spring forward" is a great way to remember which way the clock goes at what time of the year, but there was definitely no "springing" done around these parts. I am admittedly kind of a pansy when I don't get enough sleep and yes, I understand that children will completely change my views on sleep beyond anything I can imagine, but an hour of sleep is pretty darn precious as it is! I hope everyone is recovering nicely on this Monday morning!

This shirt is one of those shirts to keep around for days you are just in a complete rush. You know the ones I am talking about... when you are trying to get a coat of mascara on while going through your closet in your head trying to figure out what you can throw over your head in the 2.7 seconds you have remaining before running out the door? This is that shirt! It's easy and effortless yet put together with some embroidered class. Also, no matter what time of the month it is you'll look tiny if you throw on skinny jeans under it. This top is a super light gauzy material so it is also great for transitional weather for both winter to spring and summer to fall. I paired it here with my favorite transitional block heels and I was only 5 minutes late instead of my usual fifteen (sorry mom). 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

Friday, March 11, 2016

March Post Round-Up

Dress: Wayf | Heels: Steve Madden | Clutch (similar style): Halogen* | Lip Pencil: MAC in Edge to Edge | Lipstick: MAC in Pink Plaid 

Jacket: Sun & Shadow | Tank (similar style): BP | Jeans (similar style): KUT from KlothTreasure & BondLevi's | Heels: Steve Madden | Bag (similar style); Sole SocietySole SocietyBP | Lip Pencil: MAC (in Spice) | Lipstick: MAC (in Kinda Sexy)

Tunic: Mossimo | Tank: Merona | Jeans: BlankNYC | Shoes: Hinge | Lip Pencil: MAC (in Spice) | Lipstick: MAC (in Kinda Sexy)

Sleeveless Trench: Glamorous* | Tank: Mossimo | Jeans: BlankNYC | Heels: Steve Madden | Clutch (similar style): Phase 3 | Bracelet: Topshop

Dress: Side Stitch* | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: Tom Ford | Purse (similar styles): Sole SocietySole SocietyBP | Lip Pencil: MAC (in Edge to Edge) | Lipstick: MAC (in Pink Plaid)

Top: Caslon* | Necklace: Berry | Jeans: BlankNYC | Flats: BP | Tank (similar style): BP | Lipliner: MAC (in Edge to Edge) | Lipstick: MAC (in Kinda Sexy)

It's been a month already since my last post round-up. Time flies! You guys, there are so many of these items that are on sale right now including that gorgeous sleeveless trench that I adore (55% off!!). I have marked all of the sale items with a star. I hope you get your hands on some of these awesome buys before they are gone. I will be back on Monday with a regular post. 

I hope your weekend is as beautiful as you are!


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