Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It Seems To Be Wedding Season

Dress: Everly | Heels: Steve Madden | Clutch (dupe): Sole Society | Similar Bracelets: Bauble BarElise M. | Ring (dupe): Nadri | Similar Earrings: Kendra ScottKate SpadeVince Camuto | Lipstick: MAC in Hue | Lip Pencil: MAC in Dervish | Adhesive Bra: Tidetell

We went to a Christian Arabic wedding on Sunday night and it was a blast. Everything this family does is very well-to-do and over-the-top gorgeous so a wedding is definitely no exception. There were about 500 guests and it was very much a black-tie occasion. I have been to plenty of Arabic weddings as my husband is Syrian-Armenian, so I know what to expect culturally. But knowing what I expect at an American wedding, it is always fun to watch the American people who have never been to an Arabic wedding. I mean, it is so FUN and such a cool experience but nothing like you would ever see at the oh-so-popular shabby chic American wedding. The entrance of the bridal party alone is about a 45-minute long celebration of dancing to Arabic music complete with several people carrying and beating a drum. The food is endless as well as the drinks and you better wear your dancing shoes because the party won't stop until about two in the morning. They do all of the traditional things we know and love about weddings like cake cutting, toasts and the father-daughter dance. Just add-in an Arabic singer and his band inter-mixed with a DJ. But, don't forget the Debkayh (spelling!?!), an Arabic line dance that can literally go on for hours. Anyways, the moral of this story is, if you get invited to an Arabic wedding, GO!

I wore this dress to the wedding as kind of a last minute option and I am so glad I did. The dusty rose color os absolutely gorgeous, although it does come in three other colors. The front of this dress and the neckline is very flattering, but oh the back! The back is beautiful and a tad bit unexpected. I linked the sticky bra that I wear with backless dresses. I wear it quite a bit and it has lasted me two years. I paired this ensemble with black accessories and black ankle strap heels. Yes, the same ankle strap heels that I have in nude. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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