Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Last Saturday we threw a co-ed baby shower for our sweet friends that were in town for the weekend and if I do say so myself, I think it was a total success! When I decided to call it a Baby-Q I didn't quite know what the theme would be, but the further we got into talking food like hamburgers and bratwurst, the more I thought I should just go all-out BBQ theme. So, I did. I decided that red gingham was about as BBQ as you can get so that set the tone for the rest of the shower. 

I decorated our dining table with a couple of games and activities as well as cupcakes and our party favors. 

I totally can't take credit for this idea (I saw it somewhere on Pinterest), but executing was way easier than it looks. I ordered these empty hot sauce bottles, filled them with a bulk bottle of hot sauce that I picked up and designed a print out for these labels. The shrink wrap caps that come in the set for the bottles went on nicely just using my hair dryer. All in all, it was probably a two-hour ordeal for a super cute party favor.

We played the "don't say baby" game in two ways. I cut out little bow ties from cute paper and stuck them to clothespins for the ladies and for the guys we passed around a hand of seven cards for a little game of poker. Any time a guy said the word baby, the person that called them on it got to take a card of their choosing from the other person's hand. It was really fun and I think everyone enjoyed it. 

I love flowers, like more than most people. I especially believe that they complete a party, regardless of if it is a BBQ or a wedding. To me, flowers say, I put forth effort to make this a welcoming, warm environment. For this occasion, I decided that mason jars were the way to go for completing the theme. 

Everything continued with the theme of red, white and black all the way down to the plasticware and cupcake holders. The mason jars continued throughout the party as well. 

We borrowed a cornhole set from our sweet friends, Kaley and Brent, and I covered them with some construction paper adorned with a chalk drawing of a wailing baby.  

And last but by far not least, this is the sweetest couple ever. Marshele and Nate are going to be amazing parents and we cannot wait to be a part of baby Cooper's life!

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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