Monday, August 15, 2016


Bathing Suit: Sea Angel | Kimono: Xhilaration | Similar Sandals: Merona | Lip Liner: MAC in Soar | Lip Color: Bare Minerals in Juju

Sooooo I am not and have never been super comfortable in a bathing suit. I also have never, even at my tiniest, been a fan of my stomach. I have a super long torso and my belly button is ridiculously high. Because of my torso being so long it has always been hard to find a one piece, but did I ever find one in this gorgeous black number!?! I am definitely not in the best shape of my life, but when I slipped this baby on I felt really good about being in a bathing suit for the first time in a long time. The crochet detail is so delicate and so flattering because of the line it draws straight down your midsection. Sorry I did not post a picture of the bottom back, but trust me when I say it is cut perfectly... nothing is hanging out, but it doesn't look like a diaper. It has just the right angle. The best part... It is only $40!! I adore this kimono as a cover up. It is super lightweight, which is nice for drying purposes and I also wear it with jeans and a tank all the time. 

Three seasons. Three fair seasons and every year about this time I have this slump. We get about half way through Orange County and I have these feelings and questions about if where I am is ok, if what I am doing is alright. When Tony and I got engaged WE made the decision that I would leave my job when we got married and that I would travel the fair circuit with him. I had a good job making great money, but I knew how important it was for us to be together year round to build a solid foundation as husband and wife. During the seasons while we were dating I would pack my bag every weekend and follow him throughout Southern California so we could be together for the weekend and we didn't feel that is something we should continue throughout our marriage. I mean, at what point do you merge your lives and make the decision to sacrifice to become one? Do not for a second get me wrong. This is a decision we made together. Tony's schedule is not traditional and I knew this coming in. This life is what I signed up for and most of the year I am beyond happy with it, but about early August the mid-fair-slump sets in. It usually involves me questioning my worth, what more I can do to help him, if I should go back to commuting and just get a job. what other work I can do from the road... etc. So that's why I have been absent and for that, I apologize. This year it also gave me reason to take a good hard look at the blog and what direction it should be moving. I'm not completely through that part, but I hope to be there soon. 

I am almost positive most women question where they are in their lives, and if you don't, more power to you, seriously. I definitely don't have all the answers, but what I do know is that I think it's good to take a step back and get a little perspective. I adore my husband and our only arguments stem from wanting to spend more time together so commuting and spending less time with him is a terrible idea. This year during "the slump" I spent a lot more time in prayer than I have in years past and I know in my heart that we are doing what is right by having me here on the road supporting Tony in ways that do not have financial rewards. That man makes me feel nothing but wanted and appreciated and for that, I am so beyond blessed. I know that for now, I am where I need to be. My prayer will continue to be that a fire will be lit inside me the instant things need to change in any way. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!!

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