Monday, October 31, 2016


Every year Tony and I like to take a vacation right after the fair season to recharge and reconnect. We jetted off for some relaxation and fun in the sun yesterday and I am going to take this opportunity to completely disconnect. I will be doing a full post and review on our trip when we return, but until then here's a little postcard from the warm sunny beaches of Cabo San Lucas to hold you over.

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Cold Shoulder Sass

Dress: Socialite | Necklace: BP | Earrings: Carole | Booties: Mossimo | Bag (similar style): ASOS | Lipstick: MAC (Kinda Sexy) | Lip Pencil: MAC (Staunchly Stylish)

Can we talk about understated sexy for a second? In my opinion. this dress with these booties is the epitome of understated sexy. In general, most people would define my style as rather conservative, not as conservative as some, but definitely conservative. Well, this dress hugs just enough in the right places and is just short enough that it has the makings of a dress that is beyond flirty. Now, add in the cold-shoulder aspect and pair it with these chunky heeled booties and it's just enough to send it right over the edge. I picked up this long tassel black jeweled necklace the other day which breaks up a monochromatic turtleneck like this perfectly and the addition of some sassy gold hopes completes this look. 

We have been settling into being home beautifully. I am just about done painting my office for the redesign. It didn't happen as fast as I wanted it to but I keep reminding myself that we have only been home for about a week and a half. I mean, we are completely unpacked from five months of travel, the house is clean, we have visited with most of our family, caught up with a few friends, had two date nights and I have almost completely redesigned a room all on top of Tony's work and the blog. I think that's enough for one nine-day period of time. The rest, including our backyard re-design, will definitely get under way after we get back from vacation, but I need to keep reminding myself to take it one thing at a time and everything will be just fine. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday Sale Alert

1. Dress: Love, Fire (40% Off) | 2. Purse: Mango (26% Off) | 3. Jacket: Como Black (30% Off) | 4. Earrings: Baublebar (40% Off) | 5. Heels: BCBGeneration (45% Off)

I saw this dress while scanning through some deals the other day and I was hoping it was still available to build a sale outfit around this week and sure enough it was! It is currently available in medium and large (sorry to all of my tiny ladies) and such a good deal. This jacket can also move seamlessly into a much more casual outfit and be the perfect statement to just about any slightly dressy to casual outfit. I paired it here with a blue dress to bring out those gorgeous colors. Because of the neckline on the dress and the jacket having long sleeves I decided a beautiful statement earring would be the best route for jewelry and these jewel toned stones are just gorgeous! I could not believe that these pumps were on sale and still fully stocked. I mean, aren't they gorgeous!?! I love the bow detail on this purse and I think it is the sweetest addition to this sassy little outfit for a night out with the girls! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Annex Kitchen

Ok, you see those pictures right? That restaurant is in Fresno of all places. Now, I do not mean to offend anyone that lives in or is from Fresno, but to us Fresno is a small, not-so-trendy town that is the last stop of our long and busy fair season. To say that The Annex Kitchen was a nice surprise is the most ridiculous understatement ever! I mean seriously, look at those pictures again. If I had not known better I would have thought we were right back home at the trendiest new restaurant in downtown San Diego (and that's just the atmosphere I'm talking about). 

We started this phenomenal dinner with some celebratory Venetian Spritzs and they brought us straight back to Venice. They were refreshing and just the right amount of bitter. For Tony, they were missing the traditional olive, but I'm fine without. 

This appetizer was a no-brainer. We LOVE burrata!! This crostini was dressed with asparagus, fresh burrata, a balsamic reduction, browned butter and toasted parmesan breadcrumbs. It is definitely on the top ten list of best things I have ever tasted. This was a genius combination and completely unexpected. I mean, I could have just had this for the entire meal... but I would have been missing out. 

If a beautiful Italian restaurant like this has pizza, you try the pizza! Boy, am I glad we did. The center crust was thin and just the right amount of crispy while the outer crust was nice and fluffy. I could have used a little more cheese, but the flavor was all there. 

Italian food is sooooo calorie rich and I have the metabolism of an 80-year-old, so when I give in to my cravings, I like to do it right. Doing Italian right for me means fresh pasta, and specifically a flat noodle like pappardelle or fettuccine are my favorites. A fresh flat noodle showcases that thin, never-dried profile the best, in my opinion. Because of my love for flat noodles, I requested their tagliatelle pasta with all of the fixings of their fusilli dish and that is what is pictured above. The dish had roasted chicken, pancetta and mushrooms all wrapped up in a light marsala herb sauce. I ordered the perfect glass of Barbera and it complimented this incredible dish wonderfully. 

Tony loves a good red sauce and this one did not disappoint. He also has a love for flat fresh noodles so he requested their tagliatelle pasta substituted into their bucatini dish. I mean, you can't really go wrong with spicy tomato sauce, pancetta, red onion and pecorino. 

The food was great, the service was phenomenal and it really could not have been a better night! I was beyond impressed with The Annex Kitchen and we will definitely be back the same time next year to celebrate wrapping up our 2017 season.  

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

I'm Back

Jeans: Joe's | Jacket: Xhilaration | Top: Merona | Booties: Tom's | Lipstick: MAC Pink Plaid | Lip Pencil: MAC Edge To Edge

There I was strolling through Target the other day and I walk past this bomber... Seriously best find ever! Is it not the prettiest little jacket you ever did see? The lace-like floral print is just gorgeous and brings in quite a few colors. My emerald green shirt matches some of the flowers perfectly, but there are also burgundy, white and mustard colored flowers that you could match your top with. This v-neck comes in quite a zillion colors and they are so comfortable. I am new to the Joe's Jeans scene, but I love these. They are structured while still being comfortable. My booties are from last year but they are fully stocked and look to be hanging around for this year. They are my absolute favorite bootie, comfortable and stylish! I paired my favorite pink lipstick with this jacket. They have similar cool tones and really compliment each other while not being too matchy-matchy.

You guys!!! We are home and the 2016 fair season is over!! I am so happy and my heart is so full. We got home late Monday night and I finally have most of our stuff from the past 5 months squared away. It is quite an undertaking when you are living in two places for that long and then all of your stuff ends up in one place. Our home seems ridiculously huge after being in a hotel room for 18 days straight. Being able to cook a full meal is my absolute favorite thing about being home and there are some recipes that I have been dying to make. I will definitely be sharing some of them here in the next few weeks. Excuse me while I lay back on my couch with a cozy blanket and indulge in the best of fall television!

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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