Monday, November 7, 2016

Cabo and Hyatt Recap and Review

Take me back is really all I have to say! Cabo was perfect, but my full recap is below. 

We stayed at Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos which was right about middle of the road as far as cost goes, but completely exceeded our expectations. This resort was rebuilt and rebranded after the hurricane that devastated the Cabo San Lucas area a few years back. It is only about a 25-minute drive south of the airport and is not in Cabo San Lucas proper which was absolutely perfect for us.

As we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff who assisted us with your bags into this large open air lobby where we checked-in. The staff throughout our stay was extremely kind and helpful. Many of them spoke perfect English and all spoke enough English to communicate beautifully. Tony is fluent in Spanish so we have never had a problem traveling to Mexico, but I think it is definitely worth noting the level of English the staff spoke here in case the language barrier has ever kept you from traveling to this gorgeous location. 

The resort sits on about 3 miles of gorgeous, wide open, walkable sandy beach. Every morning Tony and I walked for as long as we desired, the waves crash up onto our calves along the way, and never came upon more than 20 people. I have really never seen anything like it. The beaches in most of the Cabo area are not swimmable because of the strong undertow, but this makes for the most beautiful waves and I would rather swim in a pool any day. Something that was very notable as well was the absence of seaweed. When we traveled to Cancun last year the seaweed was a real bummer. It smells and prevents you from walking right along the shoreline. We did not see one piece of seaweed. It was pristine!

The lush landscaping was breathtaking and we wandered around the property quite a bit, but we spent most of our time at the resort in the pools. They were expansive to say the least. There was plenty of room for large groups to congregate and to have a solo float without worrying about bumping into anyone. Our favorite place to be was the disappearing edge pool which was closest to the beach and had a swim up bar. The cabana boys delivered food all day long and if you weren't quite sure what you wanted there were easy access taco and fruit carts just a few steps from the water. The lounge chairs were cushioned and plentiful between the pool and the beach. I mean, "paradise" doesn't even quite sum it up. 

The resort brought all different walks of life from families and older couples to honeymooners and bachelorette parties. The best part was everyone seemed to mesh beautifully. There was a place for all and from what I could tell no one was having a better time that anyone else. There is an adult pool and a kids play area with slides and splash pools but there is so much in between that there was not any one place that was best for a particular group of people. 

All-inclusive is the only way to go in Mexico, or anywhere it is offered really. It takes the hesitation and guess work out of your stay from the moment you arrive to your unwilling departure. If you want to have another drink, you have another drink. If you want to dine at the fancy restaurant, you dine at the fancy restaurant. If you don't like something, you order something else. Well, you get the picture, but the point is that you don't think twice about it and money is no object. Once you have paid for your trip it is fully paid for and you only need to break your wallet out for tips (at your discretion). The one hang up about all-inclusive resorts is that traditionally the food isn't the greatest, but Hyatt Ziva definitely changed our opinion on that. We had a couple of meals that could have been better, but it is definitely the best all around food experience that we have had and my goodness is the food plentiful. Beyond complimentary room service and the cutest coffee shop, there was an Italian restaurant, a Hibachi grill, a steakhouse on the beach and a French restaurant and much more. 

Sorry, I was too busy enjoying the stay to remember to take pictures of the inside of our room, but trust me when I say the accommodations left little to wish for. From the jetted tub that opened to the room to the plethora of storage and expansive sitting area, the room was not lacking anything. We brought this Bluetooth speaker with us from home and it really made our stay. I kept my phone in airplane mode, linked up to the free wi-fi and thanks to Spotify we had tunes for any mood we were in all week. The other thing that I never travel to Mexico without is these slippers. The resort supplied pretty nice disposable slippers, but I'm a bit spoiled and in case you aren't aware 90% of resort rooms in Mexico have tile floors because of the humidity. 

What was it lacking you ask? The only things that I have to say that are not extremely positive come strictly from comparison to our stay in Cancun. The first is the lack of fresh drinks. The drinks at Hyatt Ziva were mainly made with store-bought mixers and syrups. This may seem extremely picky, but a hangover on vacation is not something I want to sign up for. Fresh fruit is plentiful at the resort, so why not bridge the gap and offer a few more hand-crafted options? I would love to chalk that up to the fact that it is an all-inclusive and you get what you pay for, but at our all-inclusive stay in Cancun everything was hand crafted and if they didn't have the fruit you wanted they would get it if at all possible. We are seeing more and more hand-crafted cocktails at resorts and restaurants everywhere so I'm sure Hyatt will catch up in this area rather soon. The second thing we were missing was the lack of beach activities, but this is in no way, shape or form Hyatt's fault. It is simply a location issue with the beaches in the Cabo area not being swimmable. 

Those are such minor things that both Tony and I agreed that the next time we are ready for a trip to Mexico, there is no need to shop around. We will definitely be booking at Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos and we look forward to it. Thank you to the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos staff for the perfect vacation. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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