Friday, December 30, 2016

Nordstrom Half Yearly

1. Sweater: Soprano (40% Off) | 2. Dress: Soprano (40% Off) | 3. Booties: BP (50% Off) | 4. Jacket: BlankNYC (33% Off) | 5. Top: Lush (33% Off) | 6. Yoga Top: Zella (40% Off) | 7. Backpack: BP (33% Off) | 8. Yoga Pants: Zella (33% Off) | 9. Jeans: AG (60% Off) | 10. Sweater Dress: BP (40% Off) | 11. Heels: BCBGeneration (60% Off) 

It's the second best sale of the year... The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. I decided to throw together my picks for the sale this week instead of a sale outfit. I hope you enjoy!

I picked a lot of neutrals in this spread and they are all so true to what I have been craving lately. The grey, black and white tones are great for winter this year as I have leaned a lot more towards cool tones. Even the rosy pink turtleneck sweater dress is such a nice cool tone and can easily be complemented with some gorgeous grey hues. The navy dress that I have included is a great piece to have around for special occasions year round. Navy is such a classic color and a slightly more fun take the ol' LBD. If you have hung around these parts for a while then you know I am obsessed with all things Zella for workout wear and these sale pieces are no exception. I mean, how fun are those yoga pants and can you beat a perfectly loose fitting tank to go with? The jeans above are AG brand, under $100 and fully stocked. If you aren't familiar with AG, this is a rarity and I say jump on this deal as quickly as possible. I also love the backpack for busy outings and mostly because I was wishing I had one at the zoo earlier this week. It is a great bag to have around. Last, but definitely not least are the gorgeous lace inspired heels. I have featured them in a previous sale post but now they are priced under $40. If you do not shop Nordstrom as much as some of us (guilty!!), they have free shipping both ways so don't hesitate to take advantage of these great sales online as you probably won't find most of these things in particular sizes in store. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

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