Friday, January 13, 2017

Rainy Day Chic

1. Sweater: Vince Camuto (60% Off) | 2. Bag: Merona (50% Off) | 3. Earrings: Simon Seabag | 4. Boots: dv (60%Off) | 5. Beanie: Halogen (40% Off) | 6. Jeans: Articles Of Society (40% Off)

We have had what seems like the rainiest winter season ever. I keep joking with Tony that we are living in Seattle, not San Diego. I almost purchased this sweater a while back, but it was a bit on the pricey side. It is much more affordable now that it's 60% off, but it's going fast. It is super soft and perfect for that slouchy look. Skinny jeans balance out how loose the sweater is and these ones are a great deal right now. There is nothing better than an OTK boot on a rainy day and these are sooooo ridiculously affordable that you can't really go wrong. Did you know that when fully clothed the majority of your body heat escapes via your noggin? Well, it does, so throwing a beanie on not only covers three-day-old greasy hair, but it also keeps you super warm. These earrings are a favorite brand of mine. Even on sale, they are a bit of a splurge, but they are of great quality and super versatile. I love this bag (also crazy affordable) and it comes in a zillion colors. 

We went up to visit my dad and grandpa last night in northern San Diego County and had the sweetest time. It is so interesting to watch their relationship grow from one of father and son to one of two adult men. They haven't had the easiest transition in their relationship but recently it has become one of understanding and mutual respect for each other as individuals which is something I can definitely appreciate. Last night also made me miss my grandma. She would have had so much joy in seeing how their relationship has progressed, but all I can do about that is be thankful for the time we had with her and try my best to be an example of the love she always showed us. Just promise me that you will hug your people a little tighter today and do your best to try to understand and respect them as individuals even if that is nowhere near what you may want them to be. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!


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