Friday, February 3, 2017

Athleisure Obsessed

1. Earrings: Target (25% Off) | 2. Leggings: Zella (33% Off) | 3. Sweatshirt: Mossimo Supply Co. (30% Off) | 4. Shoes: Nike (33% Off) | 5. Tank: C9 Champion (30% Off)| 6. Tote:  Emperia (33% Off)

Oh, athleisure how I love you! I am also in love with blue Nike's lately (see additional post here). Roshe Run's (the type of Nike) are great shoes and you don't catch them on sale and fully stocked very often, but these ones are, so definitely pick them up while you can. These leggings are the same brand I swear by and are 33% off currently. It is still going to be sweatshirt weather for a while and I absolutely love navy and burgundy together. This sweatshirt has a super cozy crisscrossed collar and hand covers. I love pairing anything athleisure with a tote and I typically finish my look off with a super simple pair of stud earrings. It makes you look a little less "just rolled out of bed" and a little more "I'm going to conquer the world while still being comfy". 

I promised I would review our new closet system in this post, so I'm following through. I LOVE the Algot system. It is from Ikea and delivers way more than I expected. You can fully design what you want for your space online using your dimensions. It gives you different options for your space like shoe racks, hanging racks, shelves, mounted baskets and even mirrors. It really is all inclusive. Once you're done deciding exactly what you want, you add everything to your shopping list and print that out. The best part? It tells you what aisle and bin to go to in the Ikea warehouse so you can enter through the exit, straight into the warehouse and get all of your stuff without ever even entering the maze that is Ikea. The installation was super easy once we got our measurements and level going. I cannot believe how much space we have now that it is usable. It is like we doubled our closet space. Literally best experience ever (and no this is not sponsored by Ikea)!!

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!


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