Friday, February 10, 2017

Neutral Transitional Wear

1. Tote: Merona (65% Off) | 2. Necklace: Target (25% Off) | 3. Top: Lush (33% Off) | 4. Heels: Sam Edelman (30% Off) | 5. Earrings: Target (25% Off) | 6. Jeans: Mavi Jeans (40% Off)

I know, I love neutrals way too much but I can't resist, especially when it comes to transitional outfits. Having some good neutrals for transitional wear is super important because you can not only use this outfit to transition from winter to spring, but also from summer to fall. I featured this same top in my Nordstrom half yearly sale post and it is still going strong in several colors and sizes. I absolutely love open toed booties for this time of year. They definitely help those of us that need to transition slowly into warmer weather while still hanging on to the cold booty days. I also love a lighter colored jean for this time of year. All of these items are a great deal right now so pick them up while you can.

We had Tony's family over to celebrate his dad's 85th birthday last night and it was such a sweet time. There are 18 of us including kids with just Tony's siblings, their kids and his parents, so it was definitely a full house but so much fun. It was a really sweet time just enjoying everyone. We currently have five kids under the age of six in the family and it is really fun watching especially Tony's parents enjoy all of the little ones. Times like these are just such precious memories and I know we will look back on them someday and think, "those were the days".

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!!


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