Friday, February 17, 2017

Versatile and Transitional

1. Cardigan: Knox Rose (25% Off) | 2. Bag: Mossimo (50% Off) | 3. Dress: Lush (25% Off) | 4. Earrings: Target (40% Off) | 5. Bracelet: Treasure & Bond (50% Off) | 6. Sandals: Steve Madden (40% Off) 

Grey and Blue are great together and when I saw that this dress was on sale I knew I had to design a "Sale Alert" around it. This dress comes in several colors and was everywhere last spring and summer. I have it in a cobalt color and it is the comfiest. Since the weather has been so up and down here I figured it would be perfect to pair with a cardigan and the print on this one will carry you all the way into next fall. I have a similar pair of sandals that I love and they are pretty comfortable. I was so excited when I found this bracelet to round out this outfit. I have been so in love with mixed media jewelry lately. It is a really easy way to wear jewelry casually while still making a statement. 

Last night we went out for Tony's mom's birthday. His parents are several years apart in age, but only a week apart in date. She loves eating out and his dad loves eating at home so we usually have a party at home for him like we did last week and last night we took his mom out to George's at the Cove in La Jolla. There were 10 of us including kids and the babies did really well. It was a really great time. Today I am meeting up with one of my oldest friends. I'm talking, we were besties in grade school. She is now married and has a little cutie so I am really excited to catch up. We are going to one of my favorite cafes, which is a total must if you are ever in San Diego. Nutmeg is in the burbs near me and has fresh and locally sourced offerings for brunch and lunch. It is fantastic. 

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!


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