Monday, March 13, 2017


I have been a bit of a bookworm lately which is not my norm. I have stopped scrolling through social media in bed and have started reading, so I thought I would share a book every now and again and the insights I learned from it as I have mostly been reading guidance books by Christian authors. 

I finished Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst a few weeks ago thanks to one of my sweet friends putting together a Facebook Group study on it with ladies from all over. It was an incredible book full of knowledge and "I've never thought of it that way" moments for me. This book centers around feeling "less than, left out and lonely" which is how I think us ladies feel far too much, especially in this social media day and age, but there was so much in this book that could be applied to other areas in my life. I just wanted to share a few of those bits with you and explain my thoughts on them, so here goes...

"Which has really gotten me thinking about all the many times I assign thoughts to others that they never actually think. I hold them accountable to harsh judgments they never make. And I own a rejection from them they never gave me."

Ugh, this totally caught my attention and not in a "Do people really do that?" kind of way. I do this All. The. Time. I have assigned so many thoughts to people based on other things they have said that may or (more likely) may not have said that could by some off chance eventually lead to what I thought. The ridiculous part is, I did not realize how wrong this was until I read this book. There is enough judgment that actually happens out there, so there is definitely no need to assign your thoughts to someone else's mouth. Since having this realization, I have done much better in only ever assessing what was actually said and addressing it head on if I have a concern otherwise. 

"I'd say, I put God first in my life, but give all my first moments of each day to checking my text messages rather than checking in with His message."

This was such a convicting statement for me. I wanted to raise my hand and yell, "I'm guilty". As I dug deeper into this chapter I found that if you start the day checking in with God's message you will be filled with that first and if you are full of those incredible words you will not be left trying to fill yourself with anyone else's words, or actions for that matter. Realizing the tone we set for each day happens as we open our eyes in the morning has opened my eyes to the fact that I have complete control over that. It has not been perfect, but I have changed the order in which I do things in the morning and I have noticed a shift on those days that I start my day being full of His grace. 

"But seeking what's fair never cracked the world open to reveal the beautiful reality or a Jesus-loving woman. Only a pure heart with space for grace can do that."

Oh boy, I could frame this one. I have always lived life on the fair side. I try to be fair. I hate when people aren't being fair. "Well that's not fair" comes out of my mouth quite a bit. But, as the old adage goes, life's not fair. Aint that the truth!?! And reading this quote for probably the tenth time, living by faith through grace is the only way to live or we are all just going have our feelings hurt all of the time. The underlying theme of this entire book is living with grace and doing so by remembering the grace we were given by God. We will never have perfect grace for others like Him (we are human), but if we strive to give more grace than we gave the day before, then we are making progress. 

"Remember: The pain isn't the enemy. Pain is the indicator that brokenness exists"

This rang so true to me. All too often we want to blame our pain on those that we feel may have inflicted it, but those emotions come from a place of relying on others to fill us up whether it be at work, with friends, or at home. That pain is an indicator that we turned to the wrong person to be filled up by in the first place. If we are filled up with by His love, acceptance and grace before going about our day with others, we will completely avoid disappointment that is caused by placing ridiculous expectations on others. This pain of "less than, left out and lonely" ultimately comes from a broken relationship that exists with God because WE CHOSE not to seek Him first. 

Most women I know NEED to read the message that this book so graciously delivers. It was eye opening and refreshing and if a book like this is a bestseller then you must know that you are not the only one out there feeling these things and that there is so so so much hope in these emotions that most battle daily. Lysa TerKeurst is such a wonderful author and messenger who lays out so many of her own life stories in an effort to be raw and help us understand that we are all in the same boat and for that, I am so grateful.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post and on this book. Please feel free to reach out!

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!


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