Monday, September 11, 2017

Big (Tiny) Announcement

It has definitely been a minute... or five, but for good reason. WE ARE HAVING A BABY!! I am in my 23rd week as I type this and baby girl blonde (as in Following the Blonde, let's not joke, she will probably have dark hair like daddy) is due New Year's Day! We are over the moon and just so beyond thankful for this bright ray of sunshine after the storm we weathered last summer. This sweet little lady is already so so loved and we are beyond anxious to meet her! Since it's been a while I wanted to fill you all in on a few details with much more to come in the coming weeks.

I know it has been a while and for that, I apologize. I could give you every excuse in the book but to be completely honest I have not felt like blogging one bit until the last couple of weeks and since then it just seems like one thing after another has come up. The other thing that might be entirely shocking is that I have not felt the desire to shop for myself at all since we found out I was pregnant. I know, a fashion blogger who doesn't shop is an oxymoron. I have literally only bought maternity jeans and maternity leggings so there was not much to update anyone on. I am finally outgrowing most of my pre-maternity stuff so it is time to shop a little, which makes blogging a bit more logical. 

I was so so sick from about six weeks until about 17 weeks. I have been feeling much better for the past six weeks or so, but I have learned so much about my body and have to really pay attention to what is going on with it in order to feel good. Things like getting sleep, eating enough and drinking enough water have been like a job. If I don't pay extremely close attention to these things I wind up with a headache so debilitating that I finish the day throwing up from the pain and waving the white flag as I climb in bed. They are awful but I have finally gotten a hang of the balance my body needs (for the most part). 

Now that I am committed to blogging again, I plan on doing a series of blogs over the next few weeks to catch you up on everything. I hope you enjoy these future posts, but I am also selfishly wanting to remember everything and plan on getting it all written down here. 

I have been feeling this little one move since about 18 weeks and lately, she is just a squirmy little worm at certain times of the day. Her daddy has felt her several times now but for the first time on August 12th. It was such a tear worthy moment to get to share that with him, I mean really we both completely lost it. 

We are so so excited about this little nugget. God's redemption is beyond sweet. We just feel blessed to have the opportunity to get to be parents and we cannot wait to see the joy and hope this little one brings to our lives. My bump is completely present and mostly out of the "is she or isn't she" stage so that is really exciting! We are currently in Los Angeles for the fair and our season is going really well after a bumpy start, but on our days off we are working on getting things in order at home to transition our guest room into a nursery. We already transitioned our office into a combo guest room/office and we've also just about finished car shopping because momma needs a bigger set of wheels for all of the giant cargo this tiny baby comes with.

As far as the blog goes, I fully plan on getting back into the swing of things now that I am feeling better, but it probably won't be as consistent as it used to be. I am barely getting my desire to shop back and honestly comfort over everything is my motto lately. Hopefully, you will bear with me during this transitional time because I am so excited to share things like her nursery and all the baby gear we have decided on with you, as well as hopefully get some input!

I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!


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